Behind The Scenes

  • Here’s the 411. The Fabric 101. The non-confusing way to understand fit and feel.

    Shopping online is confusing. We get it. Two styles look the same, but when you get them in the mail they feel totally different. URGH! Almost all athletic material these days is made out of the same stuff; Nylon, Spandex, Polyester, etc. But, why does it say online that its fabric content is the... View Post
  • Let's design together.

    If you follow us on Instagram you have seen that we ask for your input with fabric colors, fabric combinations, and overall product design.  We design our products with all of you in mind and that's what it's all about.  YOU. There has been many times that we ask you which color you like best, r... View Post
  • Speed Is Everything

    If you don't know by now, all of our clothing is not just made in the USA but it's made by us.  That means we design, sample, cut, sew and ship all under one roof.  Our process is so unique that we can walk out of the office where this blog is being written and watch your orders being made.  Wher... View Post
  • My Day In Photos

    Hey guys! Mike here. As lead sewer at GTS my days are jam packed with new creations, unexpected challenges, and continuous fine tuning.  I wanted to give you an inside look with minute by minute images capturing what it takes to have our brand run smooth day to day.   7:15am | I am an early rise... View Post
  • Bringing our Tear It Up Tights to Life

    Inspired by your favorite pair of worn-in jeans, these ripped leggings will help elevate your style as you go from here, there, and everywhere without the time (or desire) to change. “If I wouldn’t personally wear it everyday, then we rework it until it’s perfect. It has to be something yo... View Post