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  • Why Everyone Will Be Meditating in the Next 5 Years

    Stressed out? Unable to focus? Feeling frustrated with life? Chances are, at least one person has suggested that you try meditating. Ten years ago, meditation was largely considered hippy-dippy California “woo-woo” magic that tie-dye-wearing folks praised while weaving hemp baskets. Now, however,... View Post
  • Beginner's Guide to Rock Climbing: 8 Tips to Get You Started

    So You Want to start Rock Climbing? Here's 8 tips to get you started. Hello GTS lovers! I’m elated to talk to you about rock climbing and some basic tips on getting started. Firstly, I must warn you, it’s very likely you could become obsessed with climbing the first time you put those funny looki... View Post
  • Got Goals? Here's What Our Ambassadors Are Working Towards

    Along the journey we're constantly setting goals - both consciously and subconsciously and both micro and macro. Goals are often personal and it can be difficult to break through and share your vision and struggles with others. Here's a compilation of what some of our Ambassadors are working towa... View Post
  • How to Pack for 10 Days in a Backpack

    Traveling to Europe this Spring? Pack less and do more.  It was just after 5 PM as I sat at the gate waiting for my zone to be called for the first leg of my overnight flight to Florence, Italy. I nervously kept checking to make sure my passport and boarding pass were accounted for, as if they... View Post
  • Breaking Down 8 Popular Styles of Yoga

    If you’re anything like me, you had no idea what yoga really was when you went to your first class. If you’re even more like me, you had no idea that there were so many different types of yoga for quite some time. I started my yoga journey with vinyasa style yoga but had no idea what it was call... View Post
  • How to Prepare for Your First Camping Trip

    Interested in spending some time in the outdoors? Here's some tips & tricks for preparing your first camping adventure. Going camping for the first time can be really exciting but also nerve-racking. There is a lot to prepare, and it's definitely a little weird living away from electricity if... View Post
  • 10 Things I’ve Learned from Being a Yoga Teacher

    Guest Writer, Kalea Thompson @kaleathompson   1.) You will always fail if you never try. How many times have you missed out on an opportunity because you feared the outcome? I can answer that for you. A LOT. We are constantly psyching ourselves out because we want to be perfect in every aspect of... View Post
  • 26 #1 Lessons Learned Along the Journey

    No two journeys are the same, but the takeaways from growth and experiences are generally universal. We asked 26 of our Ambassadors to answer this question: What's the #1 lesson you've learned over the last 5 years of your journey? We're blown away at these responses, and regardless of what path ... View Post