• 5 Yoga Poses for Better Sleep | Yoga Pants Made In USA

    5 Yoga Poses For Better Sleep

    Forget tossing and turning and waking up groggy. GTS Ambassador Stacie Jeanjaquet shows you 5 yoga poses for getting better sleep. Try adding these to your nighttime routine.

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  • This Is Us: 3/30 | Yoga Pants Made In USA, Activewear

    [VIDEO] This Is Us: Episode 2

    In this episode: Caring for your GTS products, Apex burritos, having customers help us with a new legging design, and some new product photoshoot action. PS… 2:34 is the best part ๐Ÿ’ƒ.

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  • 5 Things I Learned From My First Yoga Class

    Let’s bust through all of your excuses. GTS Ambassador Brianna Duda lays out 5 things she learned after avoiding an actual yoga class for over a year and finally diving in. If you’re on the fence, the LEAST you could do is hear her out!

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  • How to keep up with your yoga practice while traveling

    How To Keep Up With Your Yoga Practice While Traveling

    Traveling, work trips, visiting family, and even busy schedules shouldn’t completely disrupt your yoga practice. Here’s a few helpful tips & tricks for maintaining your yoga practice while traveling.

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  • Featured Ambassador - Sandie Gore

    Featured Ambassador: Sandie Gore, @sandiegore.yoga

    Ambassador Sandie Gore answers questions about her journey, how she describes GTS to new people, what song gets her pumped up, and more. Plus, she looks badass in our Apex Leggings ๐Ÿ™Œ.

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  • This Is Us 3/27 - Activewear and Yoga Pants Made In USA

    [VIDEO] This Is Us: Episode 1

    Step inside our facility as we work on bringing a new lightweight wrap to life in this episode of This Is Us.

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  • Choosing the right Yoga Mat

    Choosing The Right Yoga Mat

    We asked 25 of our Ambassadors to share their favorite yoga mats to help give you a non-biased review of what yogis in our community are using. This list should give you a great starting point for finding your perfect yoga mat.

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  • How to meal prep like a boss | tips and tricks for meal prepping

    How To Meal Prep Like A Boss

    GTS Ambassador Staci Cox breaks down tips and tricks on how to meal prep like a boss. She lays out her daily eating schedule, shopping list structures, and ingredient organization. Cook 5 days worth of meals for two in just 90 minutes with her plan!

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  • 5 Yoga Trends to Love or Leave

    5 Yoga Trends to Love or Leave

    From Daybreaker style morning yoga & dance parties to “meowga”, these are 5 yoga trends breaking onto the scene. Which ones can you get on board with and which would you leave behind?

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  • 16 Made In USA Brands We Love | American-Made Products

    15 American-Made Brands We Love

    We asked 15 of our ambassadors to share an American-made brand they’ve been loving. Use this list to discover products made in the USA from car brands to Etsy stores.

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  • How To Squeeze Yoga Into A Busy School Day

    School can get crazy. It can be tough to find time between classes, activities, and socializing to spend an hour or two at the gym. Here’s a few quick yoga poses to try during study breaks or to start/end your day.

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  • Beginner's Guide to Juice Cleanses

    Beginner’s Guide To Juice Cleanses

    Have you been thinking about trying a juice cleanse? Press’d Juice Bar & Kitchen owner Katie Bush lays out everything you need to know to get started with your first cleanse. Where to buy juice, what to expect before, during, and after, and more info for the best first experience.

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  • 10 Tips For Getting Your Instagram Following Off The Ground | Grow An Instagram Following

    10 Tips For Getting Your Instagram Following Off The Ground

    Are you trying to build a following on Instagram? Do you want to build a community of like-minded people to encourage support or share products and brands you love? GTS Ambassador Kelly McGrath has 10 crucial tips for growing a fitness or yoga Instagram account.

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  • Featured Ambassador: Tara Randolph, @tarajrandolph

    Tara’s on the blog talking about her journey through yoga, her love for animals, how she styles her Apex Leggings, and her go-to jam for getting her heart rate up.

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  • Yoga Clothes And Activewear Made In USA | GTS Clothing

    [VIDEOS] How It’s Made Matters: A look inside our facility

    We do it different. We may not be the biggest, the fastest, or the least expensive, but day in and day out we’re perfecting our religion of creating activewear outside the industry norms. These videos give you a look inside our production facility and help put some faces behind the clothing you’ve come to love.

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  • #FactoryFriday | Activewear Made In The USA

    [VIDEO] #FactoryFriday: February 24th, 2017

    Each Friday we’ll take you behind the scenes to show you what goes into running GTS within four walls. Here’s the first installment of our #FactoryFriday series.

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  • GTS Featured Ambassador | Hiking in the Adirondacks

    Featured Ambassador: Katy Koval, @katykoval

    GTS Ambassador Katy Koval talks comfort zones, adventures hiking in the Adirondacks, facing challenges, and of course, her favorite pieces from our line.

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  • Ripped Leggings | Yoga Pants Made In USA

    [VIDEO] Coming To Life: Tear It Up Tights

    Inspired by your favorite pair of worn-in jeans, these ripped leggings will help elevate your style as you go from here, there, and everywhere without the time (or desire) to change. Watch this video to see how we bring them to life.

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  • Instagram-Worthy Photo Op Locations from Around the World

    A collection of some of our favorite IG-worthy, double-tap attracting, travel-fueled pictures taken around the world by GTS customers. Check out these jaw dropping destinations.

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  • GTS Snapchat Takeovers

    Wanna run a takeover?

    We always say the best part about making clothing is seeing where and how you wear it. All of our customers are on a journey, and we’re using our Snapchat as a platform to bring those stories to life. Learn more about running a Snapchat Takeover from our account.

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  • GTS Sale Rack | Discounted Yoga Pants, Leggings, Activewear Made In USA

    Our Favorite #justonajourney Pics of 2016

    The #justonajourney hashtag is filling up with inspiring images from GTS customers around the world. Check out some of our favorites from the past year.

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  • We’re Going, Going, Back, Back, to Cali, Cali

    Bust outside the studio with these sunny California beach vibes. GTS Ambassador Hannah Ray shows you how she uses west coast inspiration to style up her Apex Leggings.

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  • 3 Must Have Mesh Yoga Pants | Made In USA by Greater Than Sports

    3 Must-Have Mesh Yoga Pants

    Mesh up your wardrobe with these 3 must have mesh yoga pant styles. From the studio to the street to the mountains, these mesh leggings have the perfect balance of function and fashion. Made here, by us.

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  • Mesh Yoga Pants: Apex Around The World | Leggings by GTS Clothing

    Mesh Yoga Pants: Apex Around The World

    All yogis speak mesh! Check out some of our favorite yoga girls from around the world showing off their mesh Apex Leggings.

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  • Apex Leggings | Yoga Pants Made In USA by GTS Clothing

    How many pieces does it take to make an Apex?

    Making all of our clothing under one roof allows us to bring a product to life at a pace unlike most of the fashion industry. We’re breaking down what goes into making each pair of our highly reviewed Apex Leggings. Can you guess how many stitches it takes?

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  • Yoga Clothes And Activewear Made In USA | GTS Clothing

    GTS Sizing & Product Care: How to find the perfect fit the first time.

    Buying clothing online can be stressful, so choosing the right sizing the first time is important. Use this post as a resource for finding the perfect fit as well as tips for caring for & washing your items.

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  • Tips for living in the moment | Heather Gjerde on GTS Clothing

    Get Lost To Find Yourself: Tips for living in the moment.

    If youโ€™re feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or simply uninspired, travel may be your best medicine. Find mental balance with these simple tips from Heather Gjerde of Dashworthy.com.

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  • AJ Govoni | Arrival & Departure

    AJ Govoni: Arrival & Departure

    “This lifestyle I live now though, definitely wasn’t always as so. But after I got the balls to book just one trip (despite how unreasonable it seemed at the time), and changed my perception on what it means to arrive, I’ve been embracing every part of my journey ever since.”

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  • Ragged Chix | Greater Than Sports

    Ragged Chix: Because life is better sprinkled with dirt.

    Jennifer Verrochi, founder of Ragged Chix and impulsive adventurer, takes us through her journey through leaving corporate life to follow her passion for entrepreneurship and the outdoors.

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  • Apex Leggings | Most Popular Yoga Pants by GTS Clothing

    Apex Leggings: Fashion Meets Fitness

    For the past few months the Apex Leggings have been our most popular yoga pants BY FAR. They’re functional & fashionable and have a place in your wardrobe 365 days a year.

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  • Jake Arrieta Cy Young Award Winner | Chicago Cubs Pitcher

    Chicago Cubs Pitcher Jake Arrieta Wins 2015 NL Cy Young Award

    Jake Arrieta first appeared on ESPN wearing our Pursuit Snapback during a post-game interview back in September. Now he’s the 2015 Cy Young Award winner and he wore our hat during the entire interview.

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  • Expect The Unexpected - Wasatch Mountains | GTS Clothing

    Expect the Unexpected

    Tim Taylor’s on the blog sharing his journey of adventure in the Wasatch mountains and how goal setting helped him overcome physical setbacks along the way.

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  • #JUSTONAJOURNEY Instagram Winner - Shauna | GTS Clothing

    #JustOnAJourney: Shauna’s Journey

    This week’s #JustOnAJourney Instagram Challenge winner is Shauna from Northern Michigan. She’s on the blog sharing her story of travel and finding her way, and she’s got 3 strong words of advice to send your way.

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  • Adirondack 46er - Hiking For Cystic Fibrosis | GTS Clothing

    Hiking For A Cause

    Saratoga Springs local, Liz Prairie, found her passion in the High Peaks Region of the Adirondack State Park. After a friend got her hooked last Winter, she’s breezed through all 46 of the high peaks and did so while fundraising to help benefit Cystic Fibrosis research. Read her story.

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  • The Importance of Yoga for Athletes | GTS Clothing

    The Importance of Yoga for Athletes

    Yoga for athletes is really just starting to catch on, but instructor Katie Collins has been preaching and practicing the benefits to collegiate athletes and coaches for years. She’s on the blog talking about her experiences and how the same practices carry over to everyday athletes just like you.

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  • #JUSTONAJOURNEY Instagram Winner - Kara | GTS Clothing

    #JUSTONAJOURNEY: Kara’s Journey

    Each week we’re selecting one winner from our #JustOnAJourney Instagram Challenge to receive prizes and a spot on our blog to share their journey with you. Kara’s story of hardship, love and the outdoors is just the inspiration you need to make the most out of today.

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  • Small Sparks, Big Flames - An Adirondack Story | GTS Clothing

    Small Sparks, Big Flames: An Adirondack Journey

    Become inspired by this journey of passion and determination as long-time GTS friend and fan Bryce LaDuc shares her story of becoming a member of the Adirondack 46.

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  • 12 Adirondack Hikes Near Saratoga | GTS Clothing

    12 Adirondack Must-Hikes Near Saratoga

    We love the outdoors, and we’re lucky enough to have the Adirondack Park just a hop skip & a jump away from our homebase in Saratoga Springs, NY. To help make your next adventure just a little bit easier we teamed up with Visit Adirondacks to bring you 12 hikes all within 2 hours of Saratoga. Gear up & get out there.

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  • Made By Us - Blog | GTS Clothing Made In USA

    Made Here, By Us: Activewear Made in the USA

    We take pride in the fact that not only are our products made in the USA, but they’re made by us. There’s lots of brands boasting Made in USA , but few makes clothes in-house. Look inside our design lab to get a better idea of where your favorite items are made.

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