To Our Community

We come to you from a vulnerable place. During these times of loss, pain, fear, injustice and confusion we have taken measures to listen, reflect, and empathize. As the Black community fights for the right to live freely, we see you, hear you and stand with you.
As you know, GTS is a small company. Each individual here has heard your concerns. We are talking, listening, and working together to find a way to be better. Doing things a new way, disrupting the norm, and navigating uncharted waters is essence of what we have always done, and we pledge to continue to do so in these unjust times. We are making a long-term commitment to improve the way we do things here. That is not to say we have the answers yet, because be don’t. To start we will use our platform to create a welcoming environment, to listen our community, and to learn. We hear your frustrations. We too are frustrated, with the world, and with ourselves. We know these are more than uncomfortable times. We also know that with this discomfort brings much needed improvement - and that includes within our business. We are only just beginning these meaningful conversations and we hope that you continue to stick with us as we navigate how we can be better.
The GTS Team