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  • What everyone is saying...

    These are the most comfortable "These are the most comfortable leggings I own. They are the ones I first wear after doing laundry, and I feel like I can wear them multiple days in a row unless they get sweaty at the gym (great for yoga). I'm a barista and I wear them to work almost every day and ... View Post
  • Don't Settle When It Comes To Yoga Pants

    Not all yoga pants are created equal. We put an emphasis on "create" because that's where it all begins.  Fit and fabric is what makes a yoga pant great or makes a yoga pant horrible.  We've solved all the yoga pant problems by making all of ours in our very own in-house factory. Here's what we d... View Post
  • 3 Secrets to Posting Pics Like a Pro, Using Only Your iPhone

    You don’t need a camera man and professional lighting to take better pictures for Instagram. In the world of filters and photoshop our designer, and voice behind our own instagram page, Kelly, is giving you all the secrets and tricks to take your blurry, pixelated photos from “bleh” to brilliant.... View Post
  • Here's What You Need to Know to Nail Your Headstand

    A bunch of your friends are posting Instas of themselves upside down in parks, at their favorite coffee shops, even in bookstores! Headstands have caught fire over the last few years in the yoga world. Besides being extremely popular, headstands are insanely good for your body. People actually re... View Post
  • 5 Easy Steps to Trusting Your Intuition

    Throughout this thing called life, I’ve learned that there are a variety of times that you’ve just got to trust your gut and go with your intuition. Although the hard part is that it isn’t always easy and sometimes takes some practice while doing so. We're humans and we have natural instincts: t... View Post
  • Why Everyone Will Be Meditating in the Next 5 Years

    Stressed out? Unable to focus? Feeling frustrated with life? Chances are, at least one person has suggested that you try meditating. Ten years ago, meditation was largely considered hippy-dippy California “woo-woo” magic that tie-dye-wearing folks praised while weaving hemp baskets. Now, however,... View Post
  • Beginner's Guide to Rock Climbing: 8 Tips to Get You Started

    So You Want to start Rock Climbing? Here's 8 tips to get you started. Hello GTS lovers! I’m elated to talk to you about rock climbing and some basic tips on getting started. Firstly, I must warn you, it’s very likely you could become obsessed with climbing the first time you put those funny looki... View Post
  • Got Goals? Here's What Our Ambassadors Are Working Towards

    Along the journey we're constantly setting goals - both consciously and subconsciously and both micro and macro. Goals are often personal and it can be difficult to break through and share your vision and struggles with others. Here's a compilation of what some of our Ambassadors are working towa... View Post